Specialty Wonton

An easy fit for different diets

It’s normal that everyone in the family has a different nutrient needs.  Our specialty wonton has recipes that take care of everyone.  Check us out.

Tired of your picky toddlers?  We can help.

A 18 gram of low salt wonton packed with all the flavorful goodies is coming to save the day

Specialty Wonton – Lo-Cal (Chicken/Cabbage)

CAS certified chicken breast with mushroom and fresh Chinese cabbage, seasoned with a little bit of salt and sugar.  And there you have something that’s  tasty, low calorie and high fiber content. 

The tenderness of the chicken together with the crisp of the cabbage form a wonderful taste and aroma.  You will be amazed by the juiciness and the firmness of the filling.  Ideal for both kids and adults. 

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Explore more specialty wontons

  • Norway premium salmon as the main ingredient
  • Adding pork and black fungus to add layers of flavors and tastes.
  • A little bit of ginger to bring out the extra flavor
  • Mommy’s favorite selection

Specialty Wonton

SuperDHA (Salmon)

  • Fresh Spinach to go with shrimp and carrot
  • The rich flavor and the aroma of the seafood, definitely satisfying
  • Seafood lover’s favorite
  • Chef’s recommendation 

Specialty Wonton

Lutein ++ (Spinach/Shrimp)

  • USDA fresh beef blend in with pepper, ginger and a little bit of salt
  • Adds celery and select fresh scallion to bring out that herbal aroma and the crunchiness into the beef.  Fantastic.
  • Perfect energy supply after a tiring day 

Specialty Wonton

HiZinc (Beef)

Other Category

bravo! Specialty Sauce

120 degree sous vide like cooking technique to preserve the flavors of scallop.  Perfect addition to a broad amount of ingredients and dishes.

Specialty Dumpling

Packed with certified pork with fresh vegetables.  Bigger size with more fillings for bigger eaters. 

bravo! Specialty Jam

Only the natural, pesticide free quality fruits will be used.  Traditional French recipes with a lower sugar twist.  A must have for your breakfast.