bravo! Specialty Jam

A delicious jam with a warm heart

Chinyi Taiho understands the harmful effects pesticide can do to the environment and our humble fruit growers, so join us today on supporting pesticide free fruit jams.

Low sugar recipe, ideal for younger kids

Chinyi Taiho understands the pain of preparing breakfast for the whole family.  Why not take advantage of a lower sugar, traditional French recipe jam?

bravo! Specialty Jam – Passion Mango

These passion fruits are grown in a farm between the mountains with a clean water source.  The aroma is just amazing and we mix them with delicious mango to add more texture and firmness to the jam. 

A traditional French jam recipe with a lower sugar twist, come and experience this taste bud blowing duo today.

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  • naturally matured, pesticide free tancan (orange)
  • Improved low sugar French traditional recipe
  • Adds a bit of peel and lemon to bring out layers of aroma and taste
  • A breakfast must have to feel great right from the start

bravo! Specialty Jam

Tancan (Orange) 

  • naturally matured, pesticide free blueberry 
  • Improved low sugar French traditional recipe
  • Adds Fuji apple for a silky taste and a fresh aroma
  • A perfect companion to yogurt/scone 

bravo! Specialty Jam


  • naturally matured, pesticide free pineapple
  • Improved low sugar French traditional recipe
  • Adding a bit more
  • 低糖,高水果含量配方
  • 清爽的口感,適合搭配吐司或優格使用

bravo! Specialty Jam


  • Select Dahu premium strawberry
  • Improved low sugar French traditional recipe
  • Gentle mix technique to preserve texture and taste
  • Perfect with toast/bread

bravo! Specialty Jam


  • Preimum matcha powder from Japanese traditional tea farm 
  • Organic grown green tea and traditional tea making techniques to preserve all the flavors
  • Perfect to go with cookies, ice cream

bravo! Specialty Jam


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