Specialty Dumpling

Different looks, same amount of love

CAS certified pork with fresh pick vegetables.  Every dumpling looks different, but from the same loving hands.

Limited supply of 100 packs per day

30 dumplings pack is ideal for a small family to finish in 1 or 2 meals.  Always enjoy the freshest dumplings from buying new.

Specialty Dumpling – Pork/Cabbage

Chinyi Taiho select quality ham has a balanced portion of fat and lean.  To mix it with fresh cabbage and a little bit of traditional Taiwan seasoning, we have come up our specialty dumpling.  Instantly fill your mouth with the crunchiness and the sweetness of the cabbage along with the aroma of fresh ham. 

Together with a light scent of hand rolled dumpling wraps, this dumpling recipe really is something you should try.


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chinyi taiho chive dumpling
  • Natural grown chives has an distinctive rich aroma and taste.
  • Traditional recipe to combine the sweetness of the pork with chives.  Exquisite.

Specialty Dumpling


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