bravo! Scallop Sauce

Sous Vide like cooking techique

120 degree  sous vide technique to preserve the aroma and the taste of the scallop.  We guarantee you have never tasted a scallop sauce this good!  

All about Scallop

Our sauces are packed with all the first grade scallop from PengHu, an absolute paradise for quality seafood.  

bravo! Specialty Sauce – Anchovy Scallop (extra spicy)

First grade extra soft anchovy from Penghu delivers an delicate sweetness and taste on top of our premium scallop.  

Our cooking technique brings out the sweetness of every ingredient and produces a wonderful aroma.  We add in fresh organic hot pepper to create an irresistible flavor for pepper lovers. 

Specially made for a food lover like you, order one today!

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chinyi taiho sakura sauce
  • Limited supply first grade sakura shrimp from beautiful Donggang 
  • Distinctive aroma and amazing crystal like sparkling visual delight  

bravo! Specialty Sauce

Sakura Shrimp Scallop Sauce

chinyi taiho scallop sauce
  • First grade scallop from Penghu mix with the crispy jingle shrimp produces a richer taste to the sauce.
  • With a herbal touch, this scallop sauce is able to transform any food into a master dish. 

bravo! Specialty Sauce

Jingle Scallop Sauce


Other Category


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Calculated nutrition content recipes from fresh vegetables, certified meat and seafood.  Ideal for kids and customers with special nutrient needs.


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bravo! Specialty Jam

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bravo! Scallop Sauce